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The Planet Cruzz BMX is an excellent addition to the 2015 Planet BMX bike range, it features a rugged oversized freestyle frame and fork with sturdy 48 spoke wheels. Suitable for ages 7 and upwards the Cruzz comes kitted out with a freestyle saddle, gyro de-tangler, 2 finger alloy brake levers and steel stunt pegs.


Model Type: Freestyle BMX

Frame : Oversize Hi-Ten Steel

Forks: Hi-Ten Steel

Frame Size: 9.5" with a 20" top tube.

Wheel Size: 20"

Gear System: Single speed

Wheel Specification: 48 hole black alloy rims with black hubs and spokes.

Brakes: Front and rear V type brakes, with Gyro de-tangler.

Crank: One Piece Crank 14/44 tooth

Additional: Front + Rear Steel Stunt Pegs

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